“Why go fishin when you can go catchin?" 

Captain Jason Jenkins​

            Captain Jason is a fully certified USCG Charter captain that has spent his entire life in the local waters of Charleston, SC. Having grown up on James Island, with a father who is a marine biologist, it has given him an advantage over the fish in Charleston.  He knows the best spots for fishing, shell and fossil hunting, and dolphin watching. His specialties include targeting huge red, sharks and tarpon( tarpon July through September). He knows exactly how to fish the season going after what is hot at the time.

            Not only can he put you on the fish, he is excellent in filleting and cooking the catch too. Bring a cooler to transfer your fish into and he can fillet them up when you get back to shore. Also, he has plenty of great recipies for all types of fish. If you want them fried, grilled, sauteed or his famous fish cakes he is glad to help you out. Some of his experience comes from working in many local seafood resturaunts, but the recipes are all his own. 


       Feel safe when you are on the boat. Captain Jason is trained in first aid, CPR, and is a certified first responder. Not only that, he is very knowledgeable of weather and water conditions. All his life he has either fished when the seas were calm or surfed when the seas are rough. His time and experience on the water is all to your benefit, keeping you out of harms way. Captain Jason has over 30 years experience in local waters in all conditions and times of the year. You will have a great time with tips you can take with you.

       Captain Jason Jenkins would love to take you, and your family and friends out to share all he loves about the local waters of Charleston, South Carolina. With his skills and knowledge you will experience a great time and have memories that will last a lifetime.