Keepin up with the fun!

These are some great trips we've had and we love to update this page with your day on the water.

Spring and fall are great times for trout fishing. Some in the 5-6lb range. For Charleston that is one respectable Speck!

Winter time is great for the sharks teeth and shells. Big storms come through and push them on the banks, and no one is there to get them except you. Definately worth the cold!

Tarpon in the summer can be the most exiting fishing ever. Prepare for long runs, huge jumps and a sore arm. When they come in and are actively feeding it can be so fun to watch!

Fishing the reefs... No shortage of fish and you can count on a full cooler. 2 at a time is no strange occurance out on the wrecks. It is strange if you don't pull them up in numbers. Plenty of black sea bass are there, spadefish, cobia and sharks are what we usually catch.